Combining the systemic elegance and deep listening of Japanese-style Acupuncture with the pragmatic clinical effectiveness of Structural Acupuncture.

What is Japanese-style Acupuncture?

Traditional Japanese Acupuncture is named for its dedication and adherence to concepts originating in early classical texts of Chinese medicine, which came to Japan in the 7th century A.D.

Using these classical Chinese texts as a foundation, a tribe of blind acupuncturists in Japan laid the foundation for Meridian Therapy, which is now one of the most practiced styles of acupuncture in Japan.

Japanese Meridian Therapy offers deep and lasting results with gentle insertion and needling techniques, moxibustion, non-insertive Meridian Therapy Tools and manual practices.

jennika wildau boulder acupuncture
Jennika Wildau, Acupuncture

BodyHaus Treatments: Unique and Comprehensive

My foundational training and primary treatment style is Japanese Meridian Therapy combined with Structural Acupuncture. My treatments are integrated with other manual techniques that have been transmitted from my teachers, intensive studies, and by receiving treatments in many forms over the years. This diverse approach allows me to treat a broad cross-section of patients and conditions.

Jennika Wildau acupuncture boulder
Jennika Wildau, Hot Stone Meridian Therapy (Hot Stone Massage)
jennika wildau acupuncture boulder
Jennika Wildau, L.Ac.

Jennika Wildau, L.Ac.

Jennika specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, mental-emotional disorders, and adolescent care.

Jennika’s unique treatment style combines Japanese-style acupuncture and moxibustion with manual therapies to treat pain/injuries, and to integrate the energetic effects of acpuncture into the physical body.

These manual therapies are also used for patients who do not wish to receive insertive acupunture needling.

Manual therapies that are most commonly used are:

Sotai (a form of Japanese physical therapy), Shiatsu & Anma (styles of Japanese massage), Cupping, Guasha, Japanese non-insertive tools, and Hot Stone Meridian Therapy (hot stone massage).