BodyHaus Treatments: Unique and Comprehensive

Japanese Meridian Therapy: A call and response approach

My foundational training and primary treatment style is Japanese Meridian Therapy. Additionally, I have branched out to study and practice other complementary modalities and techniques which are incorporated into treatments. The way I work, treatments are really a call and response. I ask, then listen for the body to show me where it is struggling. Then give “suggestions” or “input” with various treatment techniques (needling, moxa, teishin, east Asian manual therapies and other manual work ). Then assess the patient’s response by monitoring changes in the pulse, abdomen/viscera, tissue texture and coloration, breathing, facial expression, etc. The treatment becomes an active process which initiates shifts in the patient’s system that can cascade into a state of greater health and vitality.

Structural Acupuncture

I am also well versed in the musculoskeletal and structural aspects of Meridian Therapy and East Asian Manual Medicine. I have had the honor to study and practice with Jeffrey Dann, mentor and founder of Aloha Wellness Associates. I have trained extensively in the integrated body of work that Jeffrey has developed and perfected over the past 40 years, which he refers to as Structural Acupuncture.

Integrated & Dynamic Approach

In sum, I combine the systemic elegance and deep listening of Japanese-style Acupuncture with the pragmatic clinical effectiveness of Structural Acupuncture.

My treatments are then peppered with a medley of manual techniques that have been transmitted through master teachers, intensive study, clinical exploaration, and receiving treatments in many forms over the years. This is what makes my treatments successful and exceptional.

Our bodies are all so unique, and what resonates with one system may elicit a totally different response (or non-response) in another. My adherence to a common foundational treatment style, coupled with a broad and eclectic array of other modalities, allows me to effectively treat a broad cross section of patients with a variety of conditions both simple and complex.